Peter Woit
Peter Woit
Senior Lecturer in Mathematics, Columbia University
Reserve for 8:30PM What We Don't Know About Fundamental Physics
What We Don't Know About Fundamental Physics
The recent discovery of the Higgs particle dramatically confirmed our understanding of the physics of elementary particles. Still left open though are a short list of questions about fundamental physics that remain complete mysteries. In this talk, Woit will explain what these questions are, as well as speculate about our prospects for finding answers to them.
The Blind Tiger (Age 21+)
281 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10014, USA
Peter Woit is a theoretical physicist known for his criticism of string theory. He is the author of the book "Not Even Wrong", and his online blog was the first place to have the news of the discovery of the Higgs particle. He began his career in theoretical particle physics at Princeton University, and since then has been involved in researching the boundary of mathematics and physics.